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Another Idea for a Deep Drawer

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January Newsletter

Looking From Above

At the end of last year I started talking about the current trends I’m seeing in newer homes.
One of them was deep cupbards and the other was deep drawers.
This month I’m going to keep that theme with one more idea for deeper
drawers. This is specifically for those drawers that aren’t deep enough
for baking sheets and frying pans, but is deep enough that items could still
get lost. What is it?

Label the top of your cans and store them in a deep drawer

I utilized this idea in a kitchen that had deep pantry cupboards where
items frequently got lost in the mess. We used bins for the pantry
items and moved the canned goods down to one of the lower drawers.
This way, all that they have can be seen and nothing is getting lost in the
back. AND they don’t have to dig around just to find the corn!

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A Christmas Present For You!

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December Newsletter

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And the most stressful!
I figured I’d be extra generous this month and give you THREE tips in this month’s newsletter. You’re welcome! 

Hopefully, if you’ve been a reader for a while now, you implemented
these tips when I sent them out in years past, but in case you haven’t
or if you’re new to the Eating an Elephant family, here are a few tips
to help you get through the holiday season. I hope they help you enjoy
this amazing time of year!
Merry Christmas!

My #1 Tip for the Holidays

A Post Christmas Tip

How to End the Year the Right Way

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What To Do With a Deep Drawer

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Deep Drawer Dilemma?

Along with the deep pantry shelves (October’s newsletter theme)
another trend I see quite a bit in newer kitchens is a deep drawer (or 2, or 3…).
If you have a similar drawer in your kitchen,
here’s one way to utilize the space without sacrificing the depth of the drawer:

Use lid dividers for pans and baking sheets

This is the ideal solution for really deep drawers. It’s almost like
they were made for them!No more stacking baking sheets and nesting pans –
now they can be stored upright so you can access them easily.

If you have a deep drawer in your kitchen, this is one easy and creative way to utilize every square inch.

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A Not-So-Lazy Organizing Product to use in Deep Cupboards

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Eating an Elephant Monthly Newsletter

A Double Dose of a Lazy Susan

Deep cupboards are a blessing and a curse. They can hold so much but it’s so easy to lose items in the back and forget they’re even there? (hello wasted money and a major purge of expired items in the future)
This is one tip I love to use when the space is right, and my clients have loved it too:

Use 2 Lazy Susans in the cupboard

Place one turntable in front of the other, slightly off centered so you can see the turntable in the back and have easy access to the items being held on it. Make sure it can spin easily because that is the way you’re going to see what you have without having to remove or move around the items that are in front. This works for cooking oils, condiments, spices or whatever else you may have in those cupboards. It’s a great way to make use of the depth without fear of forgetting what you have in the back.

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Eating an Elephant Monthly Newsletter

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A Mid-Year’s Resolution
Well, we are now officially over halfway through the year. How’s it going so far? The end of summer and the beginning of fall is the perfect time to take a quick look back. If you’ve stuck with your resolutions/goals/new habits, great job!! Keep it up! If you’ve slacked a little bit and haven’t quite stuck to what you wanted, then I have the perfect solution:

Create a Mid-Years Resolution

Whether that means picking up again what you started at the beginning of the year or trying something completely new, it’s still the new year! You haven’t missed it and you haven’t wasted another year. Buckle down, get serious about your commitment (whatever that may be) and finish strong through the rest of this year. You only have a few months to go, and what you start today will be a habit by 2020. So take a few (or 20) minutes, evaluate your life, home, habits, etc and decide where you can make a change. Then create that end-year goal and make it happen.
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1 Simple Tip to Make the Seasonal Change a Little Easier

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Fall Is Approaching…

July is here! Hopefully you’re in the midst of summer fun. But before you realize it autumn will be here, and with it school for kiddos, cooler weather, changing out the wardrobe, heavier shoes, protecting plants, switching out summer gear for winter, etc. Instead of feeling overwhelmed with the change of seasons, begin your prep now. How? Simple.


Make a list of all you need to accomplish


I’m a big fan of lists and keep an ever changing, constantly updating “to do” list on my phone.
if you tend to feel overwhelmed with all that comes with the change of seasons (which is different for every person), take advantage of this tip and get your list going now. Whether you’re a paper and pencil person or someone who keeps everything on their phone, once you’re in the midst of the craziness of fall, you’ll be glad you have the friendly little reminder that will leave you feeling productive and on top of what you need to tackle. Just make sure that list is easily accessible and not in a place where you’ll forget it!



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The Storage Container Matching Game

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Eating an Elephant Monthly Newsletter

The Match Game

Oh food storage containers… the kitchen equivalent of a pair of socks. Somehow, there’s always a missing lid or bottom and a completely flabbergasted hunter without a clue where it went or how it got lost. If you can relate (and let’s be honest, I think we all can) then keep reading and take my advice – pull out all of your containers, match them ALL up, discard the ones without a matching piece and then….

Keep the food storage lids in a separate bin

Not only is it way easier to see what you have and find the lid you need, it’s also a better use of space AND it gives those pesky, easy to lose lids a home! And when an item has a home, you’re more likely to put it back where it goes.

I’ve done this at several different jobs and in several different spaces and I know it works. This idea can be used in drawers (deep, not shallow, so the lids can stand up and be filed), cupboards with a half shelf, cupboards with a full shelf, and cupboards without a shelf. Nest the bottoms, contain the lids and watch how long you can go without losing a single one.

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When Was the Last Time You Washed This?

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Eating an Elephant Monthly Newsletter

Spring has officially sprung! And with it comes spring cleaning! Most of us remember the basics (windows and screens, baseboards and fans, etc) but I bet there’s one small section you don’t even think about. Can you guess what it is?

Throw pillows

When was the last time you washed your throw pillows? I know for me, the answer is “uhhh never?”. But think about it, you lay on throw pillows just like you do your bed pillows and chances are you probably wash those cases regularly. What’s better on a cold winter day than snuggling up on your couch for a rest by the fireplace? Not much. So now that it’s spring, freshen up your living room by freshening up your throw pillows. Because snuggling up on the couch when it’s a rainy day is just as delightful.

Keep in mind the type of material will dictate the method of cleaning, but if possible, remove the covers** and get those things clean!


**Some experts say to only spot clean pillows that don’t have removable covers to ensure the pillow holds its shape.
This also applies if the pillow is vintage or has delicate embroidery. An alternative to this is dry cleaning the entire pillow


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