Package #1: Recurring

  • 20% discount – $40 an hour
  • 20% off consultation fee – $40
  • 8 day minimum/2 hour minimum per day

Have a standing weekly
appointment with Top Shelf. Paperwork, drawers, closets, bathrooms, play rooms, basements, attics, and more, all organized at a discounted rate over an extended period of time.

I will work with you to create an organizing system that is personalized to your needs and will make sure you have a system that will help you maintain the organization even after our time together is done.

*Cannot be combine with another discount.

Package #2: Childcare

  • $60 an hour
  • 3 hour minimum
  • $50 consultation fee

Includes Top Shelf and a highly trained and trusted babysitter (references provided before the job begins) to watch your child(ren) while you help with the organizing process.  If possible, the babysitter will come to the consultation so you and your child can meet her before the day of the job.  If it is not possible, you will be able to contact her before the day of the job and will be able to receive her references at that time so on the day of the job you can rest assured your child is in good hands.

On the day of the job, the babysitter will never leave the house with your child(ren) and should there be questions, you will be right there to answer them and help in whatever way is needed.

*Cannot be combined with another discount.

Package #3: Quick Service

  • $50 an hour
  • 3 hour minimum
  • No consultation

If you have an urgent need to have an organizing project completed as soon as possible, no consultation is required and you must provide the items needed to organize the space.  No purchasing of bins, organizing suggestions or research will be done for the project.  I will simply come in and work with what you have in the space you need organized.

Package #4: Relocating

  • 20% discount – $40 an hour
  • 20% off consultation fee – $40
  • 2 hour minimum per day

If you are moving from one area of Nashville to another and would like organizing help through the process, this is the package for you.  I will help you with the packing of smaller items and the organizational staging of your home and then will be there to unpack and organize your belongings in your new home.  This can be house-wide or limited to certain rooms.

*This does not include packing up larger items/furniture, loading boxes into a moving van or unpacking the moving van.
** Cannot be combined with another discount.

Referral Discount

For every person you refer to Top Shelf who hires Top Shelf, you’ll earn 1 FREE hour of organizing.
Just make sure the person mentions your name when contacting Top Shelf.

*If you’ve already purchased a package (see above) the free hours will begin after the package/current job is complete.
**This referral incentive does not apply to staging jobs for home sellers.