Top Shelf Services and Prices

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Residential Organizing:
Do you have a mound of clutter that causes a headache every time you look at it? Are you worried that you’re losing money buying things you already have, just because you aren’t sure what you actually have?

Rather than feeling overwhelmed with the clutter and disorganization around your home, let Top Shelf come in and relieve that stress by taking care of the clutter for you. Personal organizing systems will be put in place so you’ll be able to keep your space organized long after our time together is through.

Real Estate Organizational Staging:
Are you overwhelmed just thinking about getting your home ready to be put on the market? Do you have questions about what needs to be removed and what can stay? Are you overly attached and need an unbiased “outside” opinion to make sure your home shows in the best possible way?

Top Shelf can come in for a couple of hours to take care of the organizing and staging for you. Unlike other staging companies we work with what is already in your home which means we’re affordable, quick and the process is simple!

Unpacking Organization:
Are you moved in to your new home but life and work keep getting in the way from unpacking?  Do you have the time, but are completely exhausted and can’t make one more decision about your home? Or maybe you have small children running around who need all your time during the day so when evening finally comes you’re too exhausted to even care about unpacking boxes?

If you relate to any of the above statements, Top Shelf can come in and unpack your boxes for you.  Whether you just want help in the process or you want someone else to take care of it for you, Top Shelf can get done in a few hours what would normally take several days for new homeowners.

Home Rental Staging & Organizing:
Do you have a rental space but don’t know how to make it appealing to potential renters? Do you have all the pieces needed but can’t figure out how to make everything work together? Do you need help making your space both functional and appealing to out-of-town guests?

Let Top Shelf come in for a couple of hours to help your blank canvas become a space out-of-town guests will immediately feel at home in.

Remote Organizing:
Want to hire Top Shelf to work in your house but you don’t live in the Nashville area and you can’t afford a professional organizer AND a ticket for me to come to you?  That doesn’t mean Top Shelf can’t help you out!