Top Shelf Services and Prices


If you need help getting the clutter in your home under control, let Top Shelf help you reclaim your space!

Before the job begins a consultation is needed, in which we’ll discuss your problem spaces and, together, begin to create a personalized plan for that space.  This is also a great time to discuss any discounts that may apply, different packages that will be best for your need, if any items need to be purchased and any other questions you may have.

Follow up to the consultation will happen in texts and/or emails and, if a starting date has not yet been decided, we’ll set a day and time to begin your organizing project and together we’ll see it through to completion.

Consultation is free
Organizing rate is $55/hour

Services for the home are available Tuesday – Saturday.


Specifically for realtors:
Do you have clients who need help getting their homes ready to be listed?  Let Top Shelf come in and help them with staging, organizing, de-cluttering and de-personalizing the entire home, utilizing what they already own.  Save time and money by taking advantage of this affordable service for all of your sellers.

No consultation is required.
Organizational staging rate is $200 for 2 hours.
Anything over 2 hours is an additional $100.

Staging services are available Tuesday – Saturday.


No consultation is required for this service.  Whether you’re exhausted from the buying and moving process, you don’t have time to unpack all the boxes, or you want to start off life in your new home organized then let Top Shelf come in and take care of the unpacking process for you.

Unpacking rate is $55/hour

Unpacking services are available Tuesday – Saturday.

Tidy Up

When life gets overwhelming, the first thing to go is usually the upkeep of the house. After a long day of work, whether outside of the home, inside the home, or taking care of the kids, sometimes picking up the house is just too much. Or maybe you generally keep the house clean, but prepping it before your housekeeper comes can be exhausting when added to the list of other items you need to get done.

If any of this sounds familiar then Top Shelf Tidies Up can help you out. All displaced items, kitchens, common areas, playrooms can all be tidied up in just a few short hours. Laundry can be folded and put away while you’re focusing on more important things.


Fee is $40 per hour.

Services are available Tuesday and Thursday from 9 – 1.


If you want to hire Top Shelf but don’t live in the Nashville area, Top Shelf can still help you get organized!  Just send pictures of your entire space and I’ll come up with a blueprint for all of your organizational needs.  During this process your help and input is vital and obviously will require you to do the physical work of putting things where they go, but if you follow the blue print the entire process will be easy and you can trust it to work for your space.

Fee is $30 per hour.

Previous jobs have been for kitchens undergoing renovations/new builds.