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By November 2, 2015September 28th, 2016Guest Post, Weekly Tip

Well it’s time for another guest post! I’m going to stick with Laura from www.orgjunkie.com for reasons listed in a previous post (want to know what they are? Guess you’ll have to go back and read through the blogs until you find them!). Anyways, this is from her blog 5 Ways to Create a Bedroom Sanctuary For a Good Night’s Sleep. It’s a very practical yet creative blog with 5 great tips to help everyone create the perfect environment for a restful night. Her 5th and final tip is “Implement a Bedtime Routine”.

She writes, “Many people find it difficult to turn their brains off at night with so many things swirling around in their heads. In this case, it may be helpful to add a notebook and pen to your bedside table. Letting go of mind clutter is also a major factor in getting a good night’s sleep. Quick tip: to help you get into the habit of starting your bedtime routine each evening, set an alarm for an hour before bed as a reminder to disconnect from chores and other stimulating activities and start winding down for the night. Make your bedtime routine simple, consistent and relaxing to help you have a refreshing night’s sleep.”

Curious what the other 4 are? Click the link above and find out!

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  • Janet Henderson says:

    Hey Jenna,
    There are not words to express how proud I am of you. You go girl. Are you still in Nashville? Can we meet for lunch after Thanksgiving? Oh girl, we so need to catch up. Please call me. Love you in my heart forever.

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