1 way to reuse old pillow cases

By September 19, 2016Weekly Tip

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say chances are you have extra linens that you don’t need. I know my mom has random pillowcases that don’t match bed sheets that don’t even match fitted sheets. Where do they come from? Maybe they come FROM the same place missing socks GO… Maybe it’s a trade – for every sock you lose, you gain a pillowcase… Now THERE’S an interesting theory… Well wherever they come from, you probably have one or two pillowcases you haven’t used in a while and I have a way to make them useful once again!
Here’s a simple way to re-use old pillowcases: cut a 1 inch slit through the closed end of the pillowcase and slide a hanger through. Voila! You now have a garment bag. You may want to do a little stitch on either end of the slit, just so the hole doesn’t continue to rip open with regular wear and tear. If you need it to be longer just cut open completely the closed end of another pillowcase and sew it on to the open end of the first pillowcase (that’s not confusing at all, right?)

Now those pillowcases aren’t taking up extra and unnecessary space and you have a way to protect your nicer clothes when traveling. Plus, it’s better for the environment than the plastic ones you get from the dry cleaners AND they’re better for clothes because the plastic keeps moisture locked in whereas cotton, as we all know, is breathable.
Now you have a way to keep your nicer clothes protected and you up-cycled a few items you were probably just going to end up getting rid of anyways.

If you have a great idea for old pillowcases, leave a comment below and let me know! Or let me know what you think of this tip!

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