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December 2015

What’s behind the door?

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Pan lids. So hard to organize yet so essential for cooking. Take a look at the inside of your cupboard door where you keep your pots and pans. Is it blank? Guess what! That’s the perfect spot for the lids! Buy a vertical magazine rack or even small adjustable curtain rods (or towel holders) and attach them to the inside of the door. Place your lids there and enjoy the ease in pulling the correct lid for the pan you need. Cooking will be so much more enjoyable. Promise.

Hide and seek

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Attention parents! I have a fool-proof way to keep toys in the family or living room without letting them become an eye sore or completely taking over the room. Want to know what it is? Keep reading.

Buy a  medium to large basket that’s fairly deep (easily done and doesn’t have to be super expensive), put a few smaller toys in first and then cover the toys with a blanket or two (or three or four – depends on the size of the basket). Boom! You have a storage bin that’s pulling double duty and you won’t see any toys in your “adult” room!  The toys that fit in there are the toys the kids can keep in the room which means there is a built-in control to how many toys can be in stored in the room. Easy access for kiddos yet easy to hide away when company is over.

Fluffy the stuffed flamingo…

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Stuffed animals. All homes where kids reside, even part-time, have them. And chances are those homes will accumulate more throughout the year. Do your kids really need all of them? Sure, the stuffed Nemo fish is cute, but do the kids really play with it? Ever? Take a few minutes out of your day today, collect the stuffed animals in to one area, get a trash bag and pick out the ones the kids love, play with, or are special to you and the rest you can simply donate so other kids can love them.

Past the point of no return…

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Organizing isn’t for everyone. I get that. I count on that for my business actually. But one thing everyone can do is throw something away. In fact there’s a very good chance you already do that on a daily basis (at least I hope you do!).

I know one of the first assumptions people make about professional organizers is they come in to the house and just start throwing things away. But guess what… that’s simply not true. HOWEVER, if something has expired then yes, it definitely needs to go and professional organizers will be the first person in line to chuck those items in the trash. Not because all expired items are harmful but they do lose some of their potency and/or taste once they reach the date of expiration. Below is a list of items with expiration dates, and some of them might surprise you:

Dried pasta: 12 months
Maple Syrup: 12 months
Mustard: 2 years
Olive Oil: 2 years
White Rice: 2 years from date on box
Aerosol Air Freshener: 2 years
Bleach: 3-6 months
Windex: 2 years
Body Lotion: 3 years
Lipstick: 2 years
Nail Polish: 1 year
Blush/Bronzer: 18 months after first use
Mascara: 3 months
Face Moisturizer: 12 months after first use
Soap: 2-3 years
Dishwasher detergent: 1 year
Spray Paint: 2-3 years
Laundry Detergent: 6-12 months
Disinfectants: 2 years

So today, go through a room, a closet, a cupboard or a drawer and start checking expiration dates and then start chucking. If you aren’t sure if something has an expiration date you can probably find it on-line. Here’s a helpful link to get you going:

77 Surprising Expiration Dates

Once you’ve cleared out the expired items from a localized spot, suddenly organizing isn’t quite so overwhelming.


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