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April 2016

An anti-tip

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Today’s tip is kind of like an anti-tip. I’m going to tell you to NOT do something. I’ll give you a moment to digest that… Ok, ready for it? If something in your house is already clean, don’t bother re-cleaning it. I know for some of you that doesn’t mean much, but for those of us who land somewhere on the OCD spectrum there’s a good chance you have certain days when you do things. For me, laundry day is Saturday. Almost without fail (to the amusement of the people I live with). I just enjoy a fresh start each week!

But all this is beside the point. The point is, if you have a specific laundry day, or a cleaning day, or a certain day you run the dishwasher or wash your car or clean the floor or change your sheets, or whatever! If it doesn’t need to be done, don’t do it. Just because that’s the way it’s always been done doesn’t mean it HAS to be that way each week. Save yourself some time when you’re able and do something else productive. Or take a mini break in the middle of your day and recharge.

Now if you’ll excuse me, Monday is my grocery shopping day.

Wait, which room is this again?

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Here’s a general tip that is something everyone, and I mean EVERYONE can do. Whether you are single and living along, single and living with roommates, married with children, married without children, older and seasoned, younger and learning, whatever – make sure each room is used for its intended purpose. Eat in the kitchen eating area/dining room. If you have children make sure they get dressed in their bedrooms. If you work from home, make sure you do your work at a desk area or home office. Do your hair and make-up in the bathroom or bedroom (the room varies for everyone). You get the idea.

This may seem simple, but keeping items in the room where they belong will go a long way in keeping your house clutter-free which means easier pick up at the end of the day which means more time to enjoy your evening. And who doesn’t want that?

For a couple other ideas about how to combat this in a smaller way click here and here.

What to do when the cereal’s gone

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Lately I’ve been realizing I could really use several small dollar store bins in my make-up basket and junk drawer. To be honest, laziness has kept me from running there and buying some and whenever I’m out running errands I forget that I need them (isn’t that always the way it goes?!). So when I saw this handy idea I perked up because I already have these in the house! And I’m 99% positive you do as well!

What are these items that almost everyone in America has? Cereal boxes. Yep, cereal boxes. Any brand, any kind, any size. Organic, sugar-infested, middle of the road, jumbo size, small Grape Nuts size, whatever! All you need to do is cut off the bottom of the box (first measure how high to cut by putting the box in the drawer or container you want to use it in) and voila! A handy little container for your small random objects or loose make-up containers.

Now, depending on how crafty you are you may want to cover the little boxes with wrapping paper or nice contact paper (tutorial here) but that’s not necessary for storing your items (much to the relief of some of the women in my family, I know).

There’s actually a lot you can do with cereal boxes so the next time you’re getting ready to throw one away, hang on to it (in an organized sort of way) because more tips on how to organize with them are coming!

The at-home parent work out system

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Time for another guest post! Today is the “Eating an Elephant” newbie, Kristin from Everyday Organizing.

She has a super creative idea for all parents out there. They’re called “Put Away Baskets” and, quite frankly, I think it’s a genius idea. In her post she writes,

“Our main living areas are located on the first floor of our house and our bedrooms are all located on the second floor. Teddy bears, blankets, random socks, books, trucks, princess costumes and a myriad of other items come trickling down the stairs each day into the family room. As a result, not only am I picking up the house multiple times a day, I am also going up and down those darn stairs all day long putting things away. Great for the glutes, but not much fun for me.”

I’m sure you can guess what her solution to the problem is, based on the name of her post, but if you want to see the rest of the post as well as pictures to go along with it, click here.

And, as a side note to everyone reading this who either isn’t a parent or no longer has children living in your home, I challenge you to come up with a way to utilize this idea in your own home.


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