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Tension rods to the rescue… again!

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Sooooo this is another post about tension rods and cupboards…. Let me give you a moment to roll your eyes and sigh dramatically…. Okay! This post will be short and sweet since I’ve tackled this exact topic a couple of times before (HERE and HERE to be exact).

Take a tension rod and as many “S” hooks as you need, extend the rod in the chosen cupboard from one side to the other and then hang one pot or pan on each “S” hook. So easy to do and so easy to keep your pots and pans organized this way! If you want you can get super organized and keep them arranged from smallest to largest (which, no surprise, is exactly what I would do), or you can just put them back in however you want without worrying about size and order. However you choose to hang them though, there won’t be any more pulling out 5 pots just to get to the biggest one on the bottom.

Hopefully the awesomeness of this idea makes up for the fact that this is yet another post about tension rods and cupboards.

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so many bath toys…

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Kids play outside. Kids get dirty. Kids need baths. Kids enjoy toys in their baths. Bath toys create bathroom clutter. And just like everything else that creates clutter, bath toys need to have a home. So not surprisingly today’s tip is going to address bath toy organization.

Buy a cheap shower rod and extend it along the back of the shower, low enough so your kids have easy access to it. Get as many small plastic baskets as you need (1 – 3) and some “S” hooks. Hook the “S” hooks onto the shower rod  and then hook the plastic baskets on the “S” hooks and there you have easy storage for all the bath toys. AND it’s easy for the kids to pick up their toys once bath time is done. No mesh bag hanging off the faucet to deal with, no small containers that are precariously balanced on the edge of the tub just waiting to be tipped over. Just simple storage which will make bath time almost as enjoyable for you as it is for your kids.

p.s. for more tips on bathroom organization click here and here.

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An idea specifically for ladies

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Ladies, this one is for you! Blow dryers, small barrel curling irons, large barrel curling irons, skinny flat irons, wide flat irons, curling wands, blow dryer diffusers and other miscellaneous attachments… So many hair tools!! And where to keep them all so they’re easy to grab when you need them? Well here’s one cool idea I saw recently. Use a magazine holder (like the one pictured below) as a holder for some of your hair tools. Flat irons, blow dryers and curling irons will all fit easily in to one magazine holder. If needed, a second one can be used for even more organization (multiple curling irons in one and multiple flat irons in the other). Blow dryer attachments can be stored easily in a small bin under the sink in the bathroom or in your bedroom, out-of-the-way. Easy to grab and easy to put back. That’s one of the main keys to staying organized.

Idea & Photo cred: Apartment Therapy

magazine curling

Reinvent the wheel

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If you were to google “under the sink storage” so many great ideas would come up. I know. I did it. And they’re all great. Well, a lot of them are great. Others are okay. I’ve used some of the different ideas for some of my clients. This specific idea though, I haven’t tried yet. I didn’t even think about it until I saw it in my search. But I think it’s a great idea and maybe you will too.

Shower caddy’s are most commonly thought of in showers, which makes perfect sense. After all, they are called “shower caddys”. But a shower is not the only place these handy dandy holders can be used, oh no. They can also be used under the sink (Insert favorite Minion moment right here). Yes!

If your vanity comes with a cabinet under the sink that’s the perfect place to put one! Just make sure you find one with a flat bottom (no hooks hanging down) and be sure to push the back of the caddy up against a side wall so you still have room for larger items in the center. You could use just one or put 2 in there across from each other. When you need something under your sink, simply slide the shower caddy out, grab what you need and then slide it back in. No reaching, no straining, no knocking one thing over just to start a domino effect among the rest of the items. Easy in and easy out helps a cabinet stay organized in the craziness of life.

A tip that’s little but mighty

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Here’s a handy little tip I came across that, if you do it, will be an invaluable addition to your current and future lifestyle. Big words, but I very seriously believe them. And it’s going to be simple to type out and simple to read but implementing it could be difficult (for some of you). But like I said before if you do it, if you stick to it and really throw yourself in to it, it will reduce clutter, help you stay organized, relieve some of your daily stress AND help your mind not feel so overwhelmed every single day. At this point how could you not want to do this tip?! Are you ready for it? Here it is: ….Consider your closet (or any space for that matter) full at 80%…. Mind blown. Mic drop.

You may be thinking, “What Jenna? That’s it? What’s that going to do?” Well, if you consider a space full at 80% it’ll do a couple of things. #1 It will ensure you always have room for everything that belongs in there which means you’ll never have overflow. #2 You will not be able to add anything without first removing something. That means you’ll have minor (aka easier) and sporadic “purging sessions” which is extremely beneficial for staying organized and working your way towards being clutter-free.

Like I said, simple to type and simple to read, but following through could be tough, especially if “it’s just one extra item.” Remember one item turns in to “one more” which turns in to “one more” and eventually you’re right back where you started – cluttered and overflowing. Try this with one space in your home and see how much better it is.

**And do yourself a favor, don’t pull one item out just to create clutter in another space. Take a minute or two and address where the item you’re pulling should end up – in the trash, in the donation pile or in a different space. Don’t remove an item just to create more chaos elsewhere in your home.


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