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A simple tip to keep the clutter from taking over

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Today’s tip is pretty simple and straightforward. No steps to take, no instructions to read, no cutting, hanging, sewing, rearranging or even organizing. So do you wanna know what this crazy simple tip is? Just this: One in, one out.

How many different neutral toned cardigans do you need? How many pairs of black boots/heels? How many tennis shoes? How many different shades of pink nail polish? How many different pairs of jeans? Or t-shirts? Or hand towels? Or coffee mugs? Or whatever? Though this tip usually gets applied to closets the concept can really be used in any space where items are stored – for every item you put in, pull an item out and get rid of it. Especially if you already have more than you need.

This tip goes hand in hand with one I posted a few months ago “A Tip that’s Little but Mighty”. If you keep these 2 rules in your head whenever you shop then you’ll always have enough space for everything you own.

If you like this tip leave a comment below letting me know! Or leave your own idea for keeping your closet organized!

A simple DIY for under the kitchen sink

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I thought I’d give you a break from my tips and throw out another guest tip for you all. Here’s another guest post from Kristin at Everyday Organizing.

If you’d like to update the space under the sink in your kitchen, or even if you don’t want to but are curious about what it could look like, then check out Kristin’s blog post “Organizing Under the Kitchen Sink”.

If Kristin’s idea doesn’t work for you, then you can also check out this earlier post from Eating an Elephant about one use for tension rods.

Do you have a great way to organize under your kitchen sink? Share it in the comments below!

An organizing tip for your counter top organizer

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This idea was sent to me (along with the pictures) and, quite frankly, I think it’s a pretty smart idea. If you use a counter top organizer for random items (pens, pencils, notepads, mail, etc) one handy item to keep in there is a pair of scissors. But how do you keep those scissors standing up straight when the items around it are constantly getting taken out and then put back in? Or, how do you keep the scissors from sliding down as soon as you put the them back in? Well, this clever lady put her scissors in an old glasses holder she had lying around and VOILA! No more digging for scissors at the bottom of the container!

I love this idea and I also love receiving ideas from you guys! If you have any organizing tips you use in your every day life please leave them in the comments below or email them to me ( I’ve received some great ones already like the post about bungee cords and this post about six pack holders. Let me know what works for you because I’m always on the hunt for great tips and tricks.

Also, in case you missed this announcement from several weeks ago, for every idea you send me you get 15% off future organizing or staging services. And that’s not limited to readers in Nashville. If you’re within a 60 mile radius, or you are in Mason County up in western Michigan, this applies to you as well! (Unfortunately at this time anything more than an hour away from Nashville is not possible for me).

So, leave a comment below with your favorite organizing tip and/or let me know what you think of this tip! 

The Tool Unit

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This job was a little different from other one’s because this job came to me through an online auction I participated in. The winner received a free consultation and 2 hours of organizing. She chose her husband’s “tool area” that occupies a section of her basement. She purchased plastic bins from Dollar General (which helped to keep the cost down) and in 2 hours we were able to purge, sort and organize her husbands tools as well as a few other random items that needed a home on the newly organized shelving unit.


Slide the blue line R and L to see the before and after

2 Laundry Rooms

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This client is a very busy working mom of 4. She often works from home, but between her business and her family, keeping things organized is not always a possibility. Her assistant recommended hiring Top Shelf, so I was called in to organize her 2 laundry rooms.

The first one was a traditional laundry room with great storage and already labeled bins and shelving. Items just needed to get put back in their proper place and some new bins needed to be labeled for additional products that had been purchased.

The second laundry room also doubled as a storage room. The client enjoys having a wide variety of items to choose from for difference events that get put on and this room stored some of those items. Cleaning supplies and tools were also kept in this room.

In one short afternoon I was able to organize both rooms and the owner was able to breathe easier knowing everything was back in its proper place.

A new way to store your tools

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And now it’s time for the third tip in the “garage series” (for the rest of the posts in the series check out post #1 and post #2).

If you’re looking for a simple yet efficient way to hang your tools but the thought of using a peg board makes you go “blech”, then try out this idea: Hang the tools you can… on a towel rod (aka another cool way to reinvent the wheel.)  “S” hooks are probably be the way to go for this project because you’ll need a hook big enough to hold on to a towel rod but also sturdy enough to hold a tool without bending under the weight of it. Utilizing this tip will keep your tools off of the floor as well as maintain an open counter space (aka your very dear and precious work space). This is a great way to keep track of your tools and is an ‘easy-to-grab’ and ‘easy-to-put-back’ alternative to tool boxes and peg boards.

Bonus point: With this tip you can switch out individual tools if you know you’re going to be using certain tools more than others for a specific project.

*This idea also works for sheds, basements, or wherever else you may keep your tools.
**I’m not just referring to typical “building” tools, but also gardening tools or anything else you may store in your garage.
***Obviously this idea won’t work for ALL tools but hanging even a few will help clear the clutter from your work space and, who knows, you may end up coming with other cool ways to store your tools.

Do you have an interesting way to keep your tools organized? Comment below and spread the news!

One way to make cleaning a little easier

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When I was growing up, Saturday was cleaning day. My sisters and I couldn’t do anything until our chores were done. We each had our own jobs but as the youngest child in the family they got piled on me when my older sisters went away to college and left the house. Eventually it became “mom cleaned one level, I cleaned the other”. This was before the days of the “fitbit” and I was NOT interested in taking the extra steps needed to go get the rag and spray for dusting, then the cleaning bin for the bathroom and finally the vacuum cleaner for the floors. But that was what I had to do. And I did it. Without complaining. Because I was a good kid who never created any drama in my parent’s home…

Actually what I did was I became proficient at carrying everything I needed in one single trip. You know what would have made things a LOT easier? If the supplies I needed were already in the area I needed them. My own bin with cleaning supplies would have been great because #1 there were times my mom and I were cleaning at the same time and had to “share” (each on different levels of the house) and #2 having everything at my finger tips would have made me more willing to help because it was all right there.

As adults, we have enough on our plates and take enough steps without adding in extra just to corral every item we need in order to clean our homes. Yes, you’re buying extra cleaning products, but keep in mind you’re not going through them as fast because you’re not using one cleaning agent for all the bathrooms in the house or one dust spray for every item on every floor.

If the idea of having what you need right where you need it sounds great, there’s a ton of great tips out there to help you find storage for the extra cleaning supplies you’ll end up buying (like this post or this post or this post). Now you’ll have to find another way to get all your steps in.

Do you have any tips or tricks to make cleaning easier? Comment below and spread the news!


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