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September 2016

Simple and easy spice storage

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Spice storage…. Have I hit this topic before? I feel like I have…. Just checked and I haven’t! Crazy! Must have just looked up a bunch of ideas. Anyways, I ran across this handy blog (Domestic Imperfection) and Ashley (the blogger) had an awesome idea for her spices in her newly renovated pantry. The idea is in the midst of the post about her entire pantry, but if you scroll down partway (past the plastic containers and cans) you’ll see the picture of her spices and what she did with them. I have to admit, it’s a pretty good idea. I also have to admit that I’m not going to tell you what it is.

So head over to The Less Mess Project: Pantry Reveal to see what she did! Then leave a comment letting me know what you think, or if you have a great idea for your spices!

1 way to reuse old pillow cases

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I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say chances are you have extra linens that you don’t need. I know my mom has random pillowcases that don’t match bed sheets that don’t even match fitted sheets. Where do they come from? Maybe they come FROM the same place missing socks GO… Maybe it’s a trade – for every sock you lose, you gain a pillowcase… Now THERE’S an interesting theory… Well wherever they come from, you probably have one or two pillowcases you haven’t used in a while and I have a way to make them useful once again!
Here’s a simple way to re-use old pillowcases: cut a 1 inch slit through the closed end of the pillowcase and slide a hanger through. Voila! You now have a garment bag. You may want to do a little stitch on either end of the slit, just so the hole doesn’t continue to rip open with regular wear and tear. If you need it to be longer just cut open completely the closed end of another pillowcase and sew it on to the open end of the first pillowcase (that’s not confusing at all, right?)

Now those pillowcases aren’t taking up extra and unnecessary space and you have a way to protect your nicer clothes when traveling. Plus, it’s better for the environment than the plastic ones you get from the dry cleaners AND they’re better for clothes because the plastic keeps moisture locked in whereas cotton, as we all know, is breathable.
Now you have a way to keep your nicer clothes protected and you up-cycled a few items you were probably just going to end up getting rid of anyways.

If you have a great idea for old pillowcases, leave a comment below and let me know! Or let me know what you think of this tip!

Organizing courtesy of the Dollar Store

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Okay, I’ve got to admit it, I’m cheap. Not as cheap as some, but definitely cheaper than a lot of people I know. Frugal is a nicer word, but I’m okay with cheap. I’m not a huge fan of bigger, better and more expensive. Simple and affordable is way more my style. I’m not above hand outs and yes, you CAN gift me something you’re getting rid of. I will GLADLY accept it.

So, when I ran across the post Dollar Store Organizing Ideas from The Budget Decorator I thought, “Well let’s check that out.” Because I try to save my clients money by using what they already have when I’m organizing, I love recommending any kind of “Dollar store” to the people I work with. Some take me up on it while others…. Let’s just say I’ve gotten to know the Container Store, and not because of my own desires (remember, I’m “frugal”).

Click the above links to see if any of the great ideas listed can help you out, and let me know in the comments below!

House to House Parts 1 & 2

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This job began as a simple packing job but grew to include staging the home for pictures and then unpacking the kitchen in their new home. This busy family of 4 includes 2 full-time working parents and 2 high-schoolers (plus a couple of cats and a dog). Naturally, they have a very busy, full life, so packing up their home and getting it ready for pictures before they put it on the market was just too much for them to do. Matt Kirkegaard with Keller Williams Realty contacted me and asked if I would be willing to help them out through this process and of course I said yes.

The first stage of this job included packing up the kitchen and random spaces around the home including the hall closet and their home office. As I packed I made sure to leave things to help with the staging process and tackled some of that at the same time.

*Slide the blue line R and L to see the Before and After pictures

Head over to the next post to see the pictures of their new kitchen by clicking here!


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