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October 2016

My first Airbnb

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I’ve started another avenue for Top Shelf and this job was my first step in that direction. This client and her husband had just renovated their garage into a studio to use for their Airbnb guests and it is a beautiful space, but the wife had no clue how to make the studio apartment feel cohesive but also with very clear “spaces” for their guests. She called in Top Shelf and in just a couple hours we were able to get the bathroom, main living area and kitchen staged and organized, along with a small list of items needed to complete the room and bring it all together.

The main living area included the “dining room”, “bedroom” and “den”. When I walked in everything was pushed to the walls and there was an awkward empty space in the middle of the room. I moved the bed to the corner, pulled the couch out at a slight angle and pushed the table over to the center of the empty space and turned it length-wise to fill the space better. Once we out down a couple rugs and figured out what she needed for the “den” space (coming soon a cowhide rug), the main living area was complete.

After that we moved on to the bathroom which was a simple job of folding the towels so they fit the small floating shelves and incorporating a small wooden holder she had purchased, which contained the wash cloths.

Last but not least was the kitchen. She pretty much had everything she needed but she wasn’t sure how to organize all the drawers and cupboards. I was able to get most things placed where they needed to go, including the creation of a coffee station.

A few plants placed around the rooms and the studio was complete. She and her husband loved the final result and hopefully their future guests will be as well!

The first thing I do when starting an organizing job

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In the last several weeks I’ve had a couple of clients ask me how I start each organizing job and I told them the same thing: the first thing to do is empty the entire space they want to focus on. Whether it’s a single drawer or cupboard, an entire kitchen or just the pantry, a bedroom closet or a storage unit, this is always the first thing I do when I start any organizing job. By doing this I can see everything I’m working with and it allows me to be intentional about what goes back into the newly emptied space.

Sometimes clients find things they lost. Sometimes they find things that belong in a different space. Most of the time they find things they can get rid of. Once every item is out and we can see the entire space we’re working with then putting everything back in an organized fashion is much easier.

So remember, no matter the size of the space, you have to pull everything out first.

And if you want a tip on how to put things away, click here for a previous Eating an Elephant tip!


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Tackling the space under the sink bathroom sink

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Today’s organizing tip is another blog post from Kristin at Everyday Organizing.

This one is similar to the previous post I featured of her’s (A Simple DIY for Under the Kitchen Sink) and some of you may have already read it because she referenced it in her post. For those of you who haven’t read it, here it is: Making the Most of Under the Bathroom Sink.

Hopefully many of you out there thought “Oooh that sounds interesting” because anything tucked away behind cupboard doors is often the last place we think about organizing. If this is you then this post is for you! Kristin has a couple of cool ideas in her post, both for under the sink and on the backs of the cupboard doors. Simple solutions that will help relieve stress and frustration during your crazy mornings.

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The Baker’s Kitchen

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This client had a strong desire to get organized, she just wasn’t sure how to begin, so she called Top Shelf to help her get started. She has several areas in her home that she would like organized, but her main area of frustration was the kitchen. Because it’s not a large kitchen she has a couple of pieces to help supplement what she is lacking in cupboard space and had purchased/been gifted bins and stacking shelves to help the organizing process. She’s also a baker but her supplies were scattered all over the kitchen. After we pulled everything out of the cupboards she set to work sorting what to keep and what to get rid of while I started making a plan for the kitchen. The result was a more cohesive kitchen with items creatively arranged so everything she used regularly was right in the kitchen and things that were used less frequently were in the supplemental pieces.

I was also able to organize her china cabinet to display some of her nicer pieces and she was thrilled with the results in both her kitchen and the cabinet.

Slide the blue line Left and Right for the Before and After.

Once the kitchen was done we had extra time so she asked if I could also organize their bar area. We did a little bit of purging in the process but for the most part it was just rearranging items and making the whole space flow and “look pretty”.

The Catch-All Room

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This homeowner is a busy, homeschooling mother of 4. She called in Top Shelf to organize her “catch-all” room. She wanted separate zones within the room so she could get her work done (sewing, jewelry making, etc), her children could get their school work done and the random items such as old pictures, wrapping paper and gift bags, craft supplies and her husband’s book-making supplies would all have places to go.

Slide the blue line Left and Right to see the Before’s and After’s.

A simple solution for the hard to keep track of items

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Here’s a short and sweet tip – If you have an empty Kleenex box don’t just recycle it; re-purpose it. Cut off the top of the box and use it to store random items that can be hard to keep track of. Not only do you give each item a “home” (which will lead to less clutter) but it’s also more convenient to pick up the entire box full of what you need instead of hunting in various locations and juggling each individual item.


This tip and the picture were sent to me by a reader who uses her Kleenex boxes to store tools for a manicure.
Thank you!

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7 Steps to an organized pantry

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Today is kind of the inception of guest posts. It’s a guest post featuring a guest post. The original is from Kristin at The Gold Project but it was featured on and that’s where I saw it. It’s a great post featuring one area everyone seems to need help with – the pantry.

Kristin writes, “One of my big summer projects was to organize my pantry. This was actually one of my big projects last summer too, but I didn’t have a good system in place. It ended up looking really nice after the whole overhaul, but within a month, it was back to being a complete mess.”

If you can relate to the statement above or are looking for inspiration for your pantry then click Top 7 Pantry Organization Tips to find out how to get your pantry organized for the long term!

If you have any great tips for organizing, leave a comment below, or just let me know what you think of Kristin’s tips!


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