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A Guest Post to Get You Ready to Travel

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Today’s guest post is from Kristin at Everyday Organizing. She and her family were gearing up for a vacation and she had a realization as she was getting ready:

“…I realized my system for travel toiletries needed an overhaul.  I like the idea of having a travel toiletry bag that is always packed and ready to go at a moments notice. You know, for all those times that my husband and I have a whimsical, spur-of-the-moment, getaway. (Ha!). But seriously, I don’t like having to start at square one every time we head out of town, so I  began by making a list of all the toiletries I wanted to keep permanently stashed in my travel bag. This may vary person to person, but here is what I chose to include:…”

Curious what items she mentions? Click here to see the full list.

Do you like this idea? Would you replace any of the items she mentioned? Or would you add to her list? Comment below and let me know!

A Least Favorite Organizing Tool

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This is similar to last month’s post – it’s not that I don’t like this specific item, I just prefer to use it for other things than what it’s marketed for (and little insider info – a lot of other organizers do as well).  This item is a back of the door shoe holder.

First, before I offend anyone who uses one of these for their shoes, let me say that I don’t hate them and I don’t look down on people who use them, in fact I’ve used them in clients’ homes before… for shoes no less!  I just think there’s better ways to keep shoes organized instead of using a clunky item on the back of the door that knocks every time the door closes.  Not only can it scratch the trim at the top of the door frame (if it hangs from hooks that hook over the door) but it also doesn’t help nice shoes hold their shape, it can get really nasty if you put dirty shoes in the pockets and it can also take up precious space in tiny closets.  I know the point of them is to save space, but if a closet isn’t very deep anything extra on the door gets in the way when trying to close the door (personal experience from a job talking here).

If there are too many items on the floor for your shoes to be stored there then it might be time to reorganize the closet and find new spaces for those other items on the floor.  Or if you have so many shoes they won’t all fit in the space then it might be time to go through them and pare down (ha pun not intended) and see if that makes a difference.

If none of those are possible or going to help here’s a few alternative ideas:

Floor Shoe Rack
Hanging Shoe Organizer (this one goes directly in the closet, not on the door)
Stackable Shoe Rack
Bench Shoe Storage

I hope that by looking through these links you’ll begin to see different ways shoes can be stored in different parts of the home.  Shoes don’t HAVE to go in a closet.  They can go in the front entry way, in the mud room, in the garage… There are other ways to keep them organized.  It just depends on your space and your creativity.

Do you agree with my thoughts?  Disagree?  Use an over the door organizer for something else?  Let me know!

A Favorite Organizing Tool

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I love medium – large baskets.  If I get to a client’s house and they have random large baskets for me to choose from I get so excited.  It makes my job much easier because they’re so easy to use!  Seriously, you can use them in closets, on shelves, in dens and offices, in the pantry; you can use them to store blankets, linens, stuffed animals, kids toys, winter gear, summer wear…. So many possibilities!  And for you parents, they make clean up SOOO easy!  Have your kids toss all of their balls into one basket, all of their stuffed animals into one basket, all of their whatever they have into a basket. Or, if it’s possible just lump all of their toys together in one basket.  That’s the beauty of a basket: it’s contents don’t have to be perfectly arranged so you literally can just throw things in there.

And I’m not prejudiced.  I love all kinds of baskets – wicker, metal, plastic, wire, fabric, whatever.  If it’s a larger basket that I can use to help a person become more organized and stay organized, then I’m all about it.

Now, just to make things clear – I’m NOT advising you to go out and buy a bunch of random baskets with the hope that you’ll find uses for all of them (that’s another post for another time).  But if you have a need and know you’ll use it TODAY, then go get one.  It’s a simple and easy fix for clutter.

Do you love large baskets too? Or do you hate them and think they’re a waste of space? Comment below and let me know!

An Item to Purge

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Here’s another item you can purge without feelings of guilt – random, mismatched bed linens that don’t belong to a set anymore.  Hear me out, piece-mealing a set together (fitted sheet, bed sheet and pillowcase) can work.  I’ve even done it.  But I know from going through my mom’s linen closet that there are many, many, many single pieces – fitted sheets, bed sheets, and pillow cases – that don’t match anything and usually get passed over when someone makes the bed because they don’t have matching counterparts.  Just get rid of those.

Or, maybe you do have matching sets but some of them are so threadbare no one uses them.  Or maybe you don’t even have a bed they fit anymore!  Why let them take up space in your home and in your head?  Seeing unused items in our homes creates stress and feelings of guilt because we know we’re not using them like we should.  SO GET RID OF THEM!  It’s really okay.

You don’t have to throw them away.  You can donate them to a second hand shop or an animal shelter,  you can cut them up to use as cleaning rags around the house and in the garage,  keep one or two in the trunk for random picnics or beach days…. there’s really a lot you can do with them, especially if you’re crafty.

So take a few minutes today to look through your linens and if you know there’s some to get rid of, take the step and do it.  You won’t miss them at all.

Do you like this tip? Disagree with it? Or have you used your old sheets in a different way? Let me know by commenting below!


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