5 Simple Tips to Organize Your Child’s Closet

It’s the last week of the month and that means I get to highlight another organizing blog/blogger and one I love to showcase is Morgan from Morganize with Me.  She always has great advice and simple, easy-to-follow tips that everyone can do.

This month I wanted to feature her post on keeping her kids clothes organized for all those parents who have kiddos in their home.  With the new school year starting things are probably a bit chaotic around the house right now but even if they’re not chaotic this is a great article.

If you don’t have young kids at home I’d still recommend you check out this article.  These tips could come in handy for a friend or family member, or you can apply the tips to your own closet (well, 3 of the 5 you can).

So, check out 5 Tips for Organizing Kids Clothes and today, try to apply just 1 of the tips.  I guarantee doing just 1 of them will make a difference.

Do you have small kids and love this post?  Or do you have another way to keep your kids clothes organized?  Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Amanda says:

    These are great ideas and guidelines for organizing kids clothes. I found this very helpful for me. I got some great ideas from your article. Thanks and keep sharing.

    • I’m so glad the article helped you out! Unfortunately I’m no longer blogging but I do have a monthly newsletter/tip that goes out to my subscribers. You can sign up for that on my website. I also share a lot of tips and articles on my Facebook and Instagram pages as well so you can always like/follow Top Shelf there and get more ideas for all areas of the home! 🙂

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