7 Steps to an organized pantry

Today is kind of the inception of guest posts. It’s a guest post featuring a guest post. The original is from Kristin at The Gold Project but it was featured on Orgjunkie.com and that’s where I saw it. It’s a great post featuring one area everyone seems to need help with – the pantry.

Kristin writes, “One of my big summer projects was to organize my pantry. This was actually one of my big projects last summer too, but I didn’t have a good system in place. It ended up looking really nice after the whole overhaul, but within a month, it was back to being a complete mess.”

If you can relate to the statement above or are looking for inspiration for your pantry then click Top 7 Pantry Organization Tips to find out how to get your pantry organized for the long term!

If you have any great tips for organizing, leave a comment below, or just let me know what you think of Kristin’s tips!

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