A Guilt-Free “Purge” Item

Nearly everybody loves to sit back on the couch, chill out and watch a movie.  But with Netflix, On Demand, Hulu, Amazon Prime and the rest of the streaming apps, DVDs aren’t nearly as important as they once were.  I’m not suggesting you get rid of your entire DVD collection, but I am going to suggest you go through your DVDs and see if there’s any you can get get rid of.  There’s probably several you don’t watch anymore, several you don’t like anymore, or there may be some you’ve never even watched.  So why not clear them from your space?  Why hold on to them, letting them take up space and add to your feelings of guilt for “all the stuff you own that you don’t need”?

Here’s some great alternatives to just throwing them away: donate them to a second hand shop, sell them on social media, offer them to your friends, or, if you’re a crafty type there’s a ton of different things you can do (click here to see 25 ways to recycle old DVDs and cds).

By doing this you’ll own DVDs you actually like and you won’t have feelings of guilt seeing all the ones you never watch anymore.

Do you like this idea? Or do you have another way to recycle old DVDs? Comment below and let me know!

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