A House-Wide Job, Part 2

By February 16, 2017Recent Work

As mentioned in the previous post, A House-Wide Job, this client purchased my recurring package and so we have organized multiple areas of her house over the course of 6 days. We have done so much more than what is shown in these few pictures including her desk, her daughter’s arts and crafts cupboard, and the coat closet. We’ve purged, donated, thrown out, recycled, passed on and re-arranged and along the way we’ve laughed and became friends.

To complete these looks we shopped at The Container Store, Target and Dollar General, along with utilizing some things she already owned (which I love to do!).

In her closets, once we went through every article of clothing she owned and donated the ones she didn’t wear anymore, we were able to organize her clothes by occasion. Regular clothes were all put in one closet and her work/dressy clothes in the other. She was so excited to have them separate and I love it too. Now her morning routine is even simpler since she knows everything in front of her is appropriate for whichever day of the week it is.

We still have a couple more days to work together and I’m so excited that soon all her trouble areas will be gone!

Slide the blue line L and R to see Before and Afters.

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