A House-Wide Project

By February 9, 2017Recent Work

This client decided to purchase my “Recurring Package” so we work our way through her entire house, and we have done exactly that. Slowly but steadily we have worked in almost every area of her house. She’s a single mom who works full time and has a sweet little girl and a large pup to care for when she’s not at work. Because of this our days working have been spread out over several months and we’re not finished yet. She still has a couple more dates left before the package is complete but we’ve made great progress in her house and I always enjoy working with her.

Our first day was spent in the kitchen and together we tackled every drawer and cupboard. Some spaces were changed completely while others just needed to be purged, rearranged and organized. The pantry was set aside for my next visit and with some great wire baskets from Dollar General we were able to get her cluttered pantry under control in just a few hours.

Slide the blue line L and R to see the Before and After photos.

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