A Least Favorite Organizing Tool

This is similar to last month’s post – it’s not that I don’t like this specific item, I just prefer to use it for other things than what it’s marketed for (and little insider info – a lot of other organizers do as well).  This item is a back of the door shoe holder.

First, before I offend anyone who uses one of these for their shoes, let me say that I don’t hate them and I don’t look down on people who use them, in fact I’ve used them in clients’ homes before… for shoes no less!  I just think there’s better ways to keep shoes organized instead of using a clunky item on the back of the door that knocks every time the door closes.  Not only can it scratch the trim at the top of the door frame (if it hangs from hooks that hook over the door) but it also doesn’t help nice shoes hold their shape, it can get really nasty if you put dirty shoes in the pockets and it can also take up precious space in tiny closets.  I know the point of them is to save space, but if a closet isn’t very deep anything extra on the door gets in the way when trying to close the door (personal experience from a job talking here).

If there are too many items on the floor for your shoes to be stored there then it might be time to reorganize the closet and find new spaces for those other items on the floor.  Or if you have so many shoes they won’t all fit in the space then it might be time to go through them and pare down (ha pun not intended) and see if that makes a difference.

If none of those are possible or going to help here’s a few alternative ideas:

Floor Shoe Rack
Hanging Shoe Organizer (this one goes directly in the closet, not on the door)
Stackable Shoe Rack
Bench Shoe Storage

I hope that by looking through these links you’ll begin to see different ways shoes can be stored in different parts of the home.  Shoes don’t HAVE to go in a closet.  They can go in the front entry way, in the mud room, in the garage… There are other ways to keep them organized.  It just depends on your space and your creativity.

Do you agree with my thoughts?  Disagree?  Use an over the door organizer for something else?  Let me know!

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  • Kellee says:

    I love this article! I love to use the over the door shoe organizers…but not for shoes. I like them for scarves, small toys, and other small items. I have used them to store beauty products and sunscreens for clients. I personally have one where I store all of my reusable grocery bags. I think there as many uses as there are pockets, just not for shoes. (Well, maybe flip flops). Loved this!

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