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By August 8, 2016Weekly Tip

And now it’s time for the third tip in the “garage series” (for the rest of the posts in the series check out post #1 and post #2).

If you’re looking for a simple yet efficient way to hang your tools but the thought of using a peg board makes you go “blech”, then try out this idea: Hang the tools you can… on a towel rod (aka another cool way to reinvent the wheel.)  “S” hooks are probably be the way to go for this project because you’ll need a hook big enough to hold on to a towel rod but also sturdy enough to hold a tool without bending under the weight of it. Utilizing this tip will keep your tools off of the floor as well as maintain an open counter space (aka your very dear and precious work space). This is a great way to keep track of your tools and is an ‘easy-to-grab’ and ‘easy-to-put-back’ alternative to tool boxes and peg boards.

Bonus point: With this tip you can switch out individual tools if you know you’re going to be using certain tools more than others for a specific project.

*This idea also works for sheds, basements, or wherever else you may keep your tools.
**I’m not just referring to typical “building” tools, but also gardening tools or anything else you may store in your garage.
***Obviously this idea won’t work for ALL tools but hanging even a few will help clear the clutter from your work space and, who knows, you may end up coming with other cool ways to store your tools.

Do you have an interesting way to keep your tools organized? Comment below and spread the news!

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