A simple tip to keep the clutter from taking over

By August 29, 2016Weekly Tip

Today’s tip is pretty simple and straightforward. No steps to take, no instructions to read, no cutting, hanging, sewing, rearranging or even organizing. So do you wanna know what this crazy simple tip is? Just this: One in, one out.

How many different neutral toned cardigans do you need? How many pairs of black boots/heels? How many tennis shoes? How many different shades of pink nail polish? How many different pairs of jeans? Or t-shirts? Or hand towels? Or coffee mugs? Or whatever? Though this tip usually gets applied to closets the concept can really be used in any space where items are stored – for every item you put in, pull an item out and get rid of it. Especially if you already have more than you need.

This tip goes hand in hand with one I posted a few months ago “A Tip that’s Little but Mighty”. If you keep these 2 rules in your head whenever you shop then you’ll always have enough space for everything you own.

If you like this tip leave a comment below letting me know! Or leave your own idea for keeping your closet organized!

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