A Simple Tip to Take Away the “Out of Town Guests Stress”

By March 4, 2019Weekly Tip

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Out of town guests arriving can be extremely exciting and at the same time extremely stressful. One way to cut down on the stress is to keep things organized so you know where everything is at a moment’s notice.
And what’s one way to do this?

Keep ‘guest’ related items in the room they belong

With this tip I’m thinking specifically of towels and linens. If you have a designated guest room, utilize the closet or dresser space for those items. If guests stay in a child’s bedroom, keep the linens tucked away in the closet where they can’t be used accidentally. Typically I’m a big advocate for keeping everything in one place  (such as a linen closet) but sometimes you have to break the rules in order to eliminate the stress of looking for something only to find it’s been used by a “non-guest”.

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