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By March 7, 2016April 24th, 2016Weekly Tip

When I’m researching organization ideas and tips, I always try to post about practical ways to organize. There are some awesome organizing tips out there but is the average, non-handy person going to do them? Probably not. I’m a professional organizer and even I’M like “Mmmm not gonna happen” when I see some of the ideas. Unless you’re at the Martha Stewart level of organizing and handiness, or you have an at-hand handyman, chances are you’re not going to do a lot of extra work just to get something organized in your home. Because of that, I try really hard to find good but practical and easy organizing ideas.

So, all that to say… this is not one of those posts. But! This IS a smart way to use wasted space that is present in ALL homes and if you can do this, I would highly recommend it.

Look at the closest door in the room. Now raise your eyes and look above it. Anything there? Probably not. A blank space? Probably yes. And I’m willing to guess the space above your bathroom door is empty too. You probably don’t even need to look. Here’s the tip: the empty space above the door makes an ideal location for a shelf to provide handy storage! Get a couple of baskets and store extra toilet paper, towels, “spa” supplies, nail polish, etc; anything that’s not needed on a daily basis but is taking up valuable space in your bathroom.


Picture credit: Martha Stewart

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