As the to-do list grows…

By March 28, 2016April 24th, 2016Weekly Tip

Everybody has a to-do list. Always. All. The. Time. And even if you complete everything on your to-do list it’s never empty for very long. At some point in time there’s a good chance “organize ___________” will be on that list. And there’s an even better chance there will be MULTIPLE “organize__________” entries on that list. So how do you tackle them all? Well, you may not be able to. At least not right away. So here’s a tip from the professional that will hopefully make tackling the “organize _________” items on your to-do list a little easier – focus on the areas that directly impact your life first. If your pantry is a mess and you know you need to organize it, don’t waste time cleaning underneath your bed. Or if you can never find matching sheet sets or towels, don’t start a huge organizing project in the basement. Find the areas that frustrate you daily or weekly and deal with them. Now.

(In between the bigger projects it is okay to do smaller ones. Those keep you motivated. But if there’s a space in your house that directly impacts your life and needs to be dealt with, then deal with it. First.)

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