Bedroom Linen Closet

By February 4, 2016September 9th, 2016Recent Work

These clients are very dear to my heart. They are a sweet older couple who need semi-regular organizing work done throughout their house – mainly in his office regarding his paperwork. I work with them on a fairly regular basis and one day I showed up and the area they needed my help with that day was in the bedroom linen closet.

The husband and his wife used to work in the antique business so they had many antique napkins, table runners, towels and other linen pieces throughout their regular sheets, towels, bedspreads and pillow cases. The linen closet was in desperate need of some organization, so I was more than happy to spend my morning hours helping my beloved Mr. & Mrs. out. The finished result was an organized linen closet with the frequently used items within reach, and the antique items accessible, but out of the way.

Slide the blue line left and right to see the “before/after” pictures.

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