Meet Jenna Nelson
Founder, Top Shelf Organizing

Meet Jenna, the brains and body behind
Top Shelf Organizing –
a dancer and nanny turned
professional organizer.
She’s just an organized girl living in
an unorganized world,
trying to help it along
one space at a time.

Molly Donehey

Assistant Organizer

Molly is a Virginia transplant by way of Brooklyn. She helps Jenna on weekdays and the occasional Saturday and always keeps everyone laughing with her puns, Broadway references and jazz hands. Molly is great with the 'Tetris" side of organizing and is a huge asset on all packing jobs.

Morgan Castillo

Assistant Organizer

Morgan is multi-job busy mama who steps in to help whenever Jenna is in need. Her eye for interior design and zero fear of using a power drill means she's the perfect asset for all jobs needing that design touch.

Joy Salasin Shipp

Tidy Up Lead

Joy is back on the team after a short hiatus, once again helping busy moms with the Tidy Up service. Joy's calming presence is helpful as she tidies up around the house, helping keep families sane throughout the week. Being a working mom herself, Joy understands the need for sanity in the house and helps clients on a weekly basis to maintain order.