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Eating an Elephant Monthly Newsletter

Create a division

Last month I wrote about Multi-purpose drawers. This month I want to talk about another drawer that can be an issue – the large utensils drawer. Large utensils can be so hard to organize. They’re big and bulky and oddly shaped and can be a complete mess in the drawer. They don’t fit very well into pre-set drawer organizers and even if they do fit in the organizer itself, sometimes the extra height added by the bottom of the organizer causes spoons and spatulas not to fit in the drawer. For these large utensil drawers I much prefer to use

drawer dividers

Drawer dividers are similar to tension rods in that they start out long and you push the ends in to make them fit the drawer and the tension keeps them in place. You can completely customize your drawer by making the spaces in between the dividers as wide or as narrow as you want and need. And because the items are laying on the bottom, as long as they fit before, they’ll fit again but this time in a more organized space.

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Eating an Elephant Monthly Newsletter

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A Mid-Year’s Resolution
Well, we are now officially over halfway through the year. How’s it going so far? The end of summer and the beginning of fall is the perfect time to take a quick look back. If you’ve stuck with your resolutions/goals/new habits, great job!! Keep it up! If you’ve slacked a little bit and haven’t quite stuck to what you wanted, then I have the perfect solution:

Create a Mid-Years Resolution

Whether that means picking up again what you started at the beginning of the year or trying something completely new, it’s still the new year! You haven’t missed it and you haven’t wasted another year. Buckle down, get serious about your commitment (whatever that may be) and finish strong through the rest of this year. You only have a few months to go, and what you start today will be a habit by 2020. So take a few (or 20) minutes, evaluate your life, home, habits, etc and decide where you can make a change. Then create that end-year goal and make it happen.
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Eating An Elephant

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A while back I met my friend Stephanie for coffee and, as was the norm back then, we discussed Top Shelf and different ways to get my new business in the social media and public eye. She came up with the idea of a weekly blog featuring organizing tips and I kind of scoffed at the idea. At the time my focus was solely on organizing for businesses and stores, so tips for home organization didn’t interest me. Plus, there aren’t any online “how-to’s” or blogs that I could glean from for help with store organization (believe me, I’ve looked. If you happen to know of any, let me know! scroll down and you’ll see the “email me!” link! I’d love to see them!). And, since Top Shelf was just starting out, I didn’t have any awesome tips of my own to give. So needless to say I wasn’t too keen on the idea (scared of it was more like it). But she kept pushing the idea and so we continued to discuss it… Well, she talked and I listened, occasionally agreeing or nodding my head so I would appear interested, which I wasn’t. Didn’t she know I was going to take the business world by storm with this brilliant idea? I wouldn’t need to provide home organizing tips. Give me some time to build up my huge clientele list full of awesome Nashville businesses and let’s move on to a new topic woman!

Okay, back to reality. I wasn’t interested in branching out to home organization, but I was interested in her advice, so I went along with it. Organizing can be such an overwhelmingly massive task for so many people and as we (she) discussed that I said, “It’s like that old joke: How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” And voila! The name for the potential-but-probably-never-gonna-be blog was born.

Well, fast forward a few months and guess who’s dipping her toe into home organization. Yup, never say “never” friends. I’ve set out to find some of the best tips for easy home organization from a few organizing experts, along with some of my own tips (which thankfully I have now because I’ve had people hire me! Woohoo!).

There’s already some amazing blogs out there with great organization tips (some of which I’ll be featuring here) and, to be honest, I’m pretty new to this whole thing. But maybe there’s one person out there who will find this blog and will decide to give it a chance, to give ME a chance. And maybe they’ll find a tip that will help them out in some way. Maybe it will even jump start an organizing project that just needed a boost to get it going. And so, for that person, I’ll blog. And hopefully show you that eating an elephant really isn’t as hard as you think.

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