Cupboard doors…. yes again!

By March 14, 2016April 24th, 2016Weekly Tip

AAAAAAAAND here’s another post about the inside of the cupboard. Man, if you guys utilize all of the “inside of the cupboard” ideas I’ve given you, you are going to clear up so much space in your cupboards! You’re welcome!

Anyways, here’s the tip: Take a magazine holder and adhere it to the inside of the cabinet door (3m Command Strips or hooks are great because you don’t have to use any tools and they won’t damage the door). There! You have now provided a handy space for cutting boards! Go you!

Since I like to be honest in my blogs, I’m going to admit one…. hang up I have with the “inside of the cupboard door” ideas – I often wonder if some of these ideas would cause more of an issue because the items that reside inside the cupboard will have to be pushed back enough so the container hanging on the door can fit when the door is closed… But ideally, now that you are utilizing the inside of the cabinet door, you have space to move the cupboard items back a little bit. So that shouldn’t really be an issue. And if it is an issue, pull everything out, take inventory of what you have and what you actually need, then put the items back in an organized fashion so everything fits with the door closed… Alright! Glad I could figure that issue out. 🙂 Sometimes I just need to talk out the issue and then I can solve the problem along the way. Thanks for being a listening (errr reading) ear!

PS if you want a picture to reference a magazine holder, click here.

PPS For cupboards that have shelves in them this idea won’t work because the shelf most likely comes to the edge of the cupboard. If you have a cupboard without a shelf, or if the shelf is only half as deep as the cupboard, this tip and others like it should work for you with no problem at all.

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