Curious Heart

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Curious Heart was a wonderful little shop in the heart of the Berry Hill district in Nashville. The owner, Kathy, had faithfully served the community for 16 years, but in late 2014 she decided she needed to close Curious Heart, so she called Top Shelf to help her through that process.

In early 2015 I began working with Kathy in her basement storage rooms. She had the main storage room that was full of merchandise, both old and new, and the Christmas room, which was more of a mix of Christmas and non-Christmas items than strictly Christmas.

I began to work at the shop on a weekly basis in January, doing inventory and a general organization/cleaning in both the main storage room and the Christmas storage room.

Once that was done, Kathy decided she wanted to open both downstairs storage rooms to the public once she started the “going out of business” sales, so I had to go through and re-organize everything for display purposes. Once this was done, I then came in weekly to maintain what was already organized and display the new merchandise that arrived from her alternate storage site.

Kathy and her other employees were able to work with the customers they loved while I kept the shop organized. The entire job lasted 3 months and Kathy was very happy with the work provided, as well as the wonderful send off she was given by the customers who loved her.

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