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Look Back Before Looking Forward

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Eating An Elepthant Monthly Newsletter

Look back before looking forward

As a nation we are all in various stages of “re-emerging” after the lock down. Before life really picks up and we focus on looking ahead and doing things we haven’t been able to do for the past few months, here’s my piece of advice:

Reevaluate your systems

How have they held up during this time? Did you make any new systems that are working great and you want to keep them as they are? Or has something not been working and so it needs to be altered? If you have a system that needs to be fixed, set your mind to it now. Once life can actually happen again you’re probably not going to take the time needed to figure out a fix. And if you don’t handle it now there’s a good chance you never will.

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1 Simple and Easy Way to Help

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Eating an Elephant Newsletter

Do your part… by doing this one thing

At some point we will be out of quarantine and back to our regular lives once again. At that time we’ll have to figure out how to get back to “normal”, whatever that may be, and what’s one way we can help that happen?

Shop local

When you can, starting now, please shop local or on small business websites. I know how easy it is to order from Amazon and free shipping is definitely appealing, but who is being more affected by the lockdown – Jeff Bezos or small business owners? This idea is not mine but I think it’s great – if you find an item on Amazon, go to that seller’s website and order the item(s) from there. It’s a lot better for the vendor and it’ll help boost the economy. I know it may not seem like a big step, but for those of us who run small businesses, every client is valuable ALL THE TIME, and especially right now. So do your part and shop small and shop local.

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Do You Really Need It?

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Eating an Elephant Monthly Newsletter


Do you really need it?

Okay, let’s get real – I know the tendency right now is to hoard all that you have. I’ve struggled with it myself (hello panic shopping at Costco when they clearly said grocery stores are going to stay open!) but, there are some things that, regardless of how long this lasts, you just don’t need to keep around. So, what is my tip for the month with quarantining, social distancing and working from home looming over all of us?

Purge what you can

I understand there may be things you want to hang on to “just in case”. But stockpiling and adding to your clutter while you’re stuck at home isn’t going to help you feel better. If anything, being stuck in a home that’s full of clutter is going to make you feel even crazier! So look through your closet, the kitchen, your pantry, garage and other spaces and see if there are things that, now that we have survived the “what if” scenario, you ended up not really needing.

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March Newsletter

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Eating an Elephant Monthly Newsletter

Create a division

Last month I wrote about Multi-purpose drawers. This month I want to talk about another drawer that can be an issue – the large utensils drawer. Large utensils can be so hard to organize. They’re big and bulky and oddly shaped and can be a complete mess in the drawer. They don’t fit very well into pre-set drawer organizers and even if they do fit in the organizer itself, sometimes the extra height added by the bottom of the organizer causes spoons and spatulas not to fit in the drawer. For these large utensil drawers I much prefer to use

drawer dividers

Drawer dividers are similar to tension rods in that they start out long and you push the ends in to make them fit the drawer and the tension keeps them in place. You can completely customize your drawer by making the spaces in between the dividers as wide or as narrow as you want and need. And because the items are laying on the bottom, as long as they fit before, they’ll fit again but this time in a more organized space.

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The Dreaded Junk Drawer

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Eating an Elephant Monthly Newsletter

The Dreaded Junk Drawer

Junk drawers have a terrible reputation. They look junky. They’re disorganized. They’re a wasteland of lost items like rubber bands, matchbooks, pens, pencils, scissors, tape, safety pins, paper clips, batteries, twisty-ties, and much much more. But, they don’t have to be! It can be intimidating, but go to your junk drawer, pull everything out, purge, sort, categorize and when you put items back in


I am the first one to admit that, when organizing, product is not always needed. However, when it comes to junk drawers, I definitely believe it is. My favorite drawer organizer is the Practical Comfort Adjustable Drawer Organizer (pictured above) but you can use other small bins or organizers as well (pictured below). Just make sure what you use fits the drawer without giving too much “negative space” (areas outside the organizer or bin), gives enough options for all of your categories to fit separately and make sure you actually put things back WHERE THEY GO. A good drawer organizer can go to waste if it’s not used properly.

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