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You may have noticed I don’t post a lot about garages. That’s mainly because I just don’t think of them. And that’s mainly because I don’t have one. However, thanks to one of my current organizing jobs I have been spending a LOT of time in a garage lately, and since this blog isn’t just about me and ideas that make my life easier, here’s a tip for some garage organization for all of you garage owners.

Take an over the door organizer (clear pockets are great so you can see what it’s in them – similar to this) and hang it on the wall of your garage using a couple of 3M hooks or nails. Once it’s up, fill the pockets with whatever you need. Spray paint cans, tools, gardening supplies, paint brushes, etc. Easy to see, easy to grab and easy to put back.

For those of you looking to get SUPER organized, label each pocket so you know exactly what goes back in there (this is especially helpful when you have to take out several items at once)

Bada bing bada boom you’re on your way to getting organized.

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