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It’s time for another guest post and today I’m introducing a new blog for you all to check. The blog is Everyday Organizing and the blogger is Kristin. Kristin is super sweet with an awesome blog full of great tips. Unfortunately she’s taking a break from blogging right now, but that doesn’t stop me from perusing her blog for ideas and tips.

One such blog post is Keep It Where You Use It. Here’s the first paragraph from the early 2014 entry:

When it comes to deciding where to store certain items, too often we base our decision on where we have “always” kept it and not necessarily on where we actually need or use it.  Case in point:  the linen closet.  By definition, the linen closet is a place to house your linens; for most of us, that translates to sheets and towels.  In the majority of homes, the linen closet is located either in a laundry room or in a hallway.  Interestingly enough, I don’t know many homes that have a bed in the laundry room or a shower in the hallway.  So, why in the heck are we all storing our sheets and towels in a room that does not require sheets or towels?

She raises a good point. And it just gets better that more she goes on. She hits almost every area of the house with this post. Check out the post by clicking the title of Kristin’s post.

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