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By October 29, 2016October 31st, 2016AirBnb Staging, Recent Work

I’ve started another avenue for Top Shelf and this job was my first step in that direction. This client and her husband had just renovated their garage into a studio to use for their Airbnb guests and it is a beautiful space, but the wife had no clue how to make the studio apartment feel cohesive but also with very clear “spaces” for their guests. She called in Top Shelf and in just a couple hours we were able to get the bathroom, main living area and kitchen staged and organized, along with a small list of items needed to complete the room and bring it all together.

The main living area included the “dining room”, “bedroom” and “den”. When I walked in everything was pushed to the walls and there was an awkward empty space in the middle of the room. I moved the bed to the corner, pulled the couch out at a slight angle and pushed the table over to the center of the empty space and turned it length-wise to fill the space better. Once we out down a couple rugs and figured out what she needed for the “den” space (coming soon a cowhide rug), the main living area was complete.

After that we moved on to the bathroom which was a simple job of folding the towels so they fit the small floating shelves and incorporating a small wooden holder she had purchased, which contained the wash cloths.

Last but not least was the kitchen. She pretty much had everything she needed but she wasn’t sure how to organize all the drawers and cupboards. I was able to get most things placed where they needed to go, including the creation of a¬†coffee station.

A few plants placed around the rooms and the studio was complete. She and her husband loved the final result and hopefully their future guests will be as well!

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