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By August 10, 2015February 4th, 2016Weekly Tip

Cars…. such a blessing and such a curse. Some people are meticulous about the outside of their cars, while other people are meticulous about the inside of their cars… Then there’s those other people who are OCD about both. Regardless of where you fall in these 3 categories, everyone can agree that having an organized car interior is helpful. You just may not know how exactly to get that.

Containment is key. For those diehards who refuse to use Google maps or Waze, put your maps in one of the pockets behind the front seats (this is also a great place for extra napkins which, believe me, come in handy). You can get even more organized by keeping the maps in Ziploc bags so they don’t get mixed up with other papers you shove back there. Or the cubby on the driver’s side of the car. Take your pick. But have a spot where you always keep them so you don’t drive off the road or cause an accident while looking for them (now what happens while you’re looking at them is another issue).

For the oh-so-important manuals, registration, insurance cards etc. put them all in the glove compartment. And make sure they’re on top so they’re easy to grab should you (heaven forbid) need them quickly. I tend to go through my glove compartment every month or so to make sure whatever else ends up in there is underneath my registration and insurance. We don’t need to make getting a ticket any more drawn out than it already is.

For the little extras that wind up in our cars (toys, umbrellas, ice scrapers, change etc) check out car organizers (Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Amazon). They’re quite excellent.

And finally, for the trash that stinks up the car, you can either buy a car trash can (online or auto parts stores) or just take the initiative and throw it away. Personally, I recommend the latter because you’re eventually going to have to throw it away anyways, but if you’re a procrastinator…. well, I’m just impressed you actually got around to reading this blog post.

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