One Last Chance…

By December 7, 2020Weekly Tip

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Last chance…

Attention gift receivers!

This is your last opportunity to remove anything from your house before the influx of gifts arrive. You may be a parent with new toys for the kids coming in (from you or well-intentioned family members), a person with a kitchen/pantry full of rarely-used gadgets and appliances, someone who’s closet is busting at the seams from all of the clothes and/or shoes you own, a make-up hoarder, a tool guy, a tech wiz, or just a regular person who needs to declutter – hear me out!

There is something (or several somethings) you own that can be donated. If it still has a tag on it, regift it. If it’s been gently (or never) used, donate it. If it’s broken, ripped or junky, trash it.
Now is the perfect time to do it and you’ll feel so much better when the new items come in and you have space for them. 

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