One Way To Help Summer Be More Carefree

By May 6, 2019Weekly Tip

Summer Drop Zone

It’s May! This year seems to be flying by and quite frankly, it’s exhausting me! I don’t know about you, but the thought of summer both excites and stresses me out.
A lot of big things are coming for Top Shelf and I’m just trying to keep on top of it all.

One way I counteract the craziness of my life is by staying on top of my organization. Even I don’t have time to put something away right away, I make time later on. With school ending soon, this is especially important for you parents.
So what’s one way you can stay on top of your organization?

Create a drop zone for summer activities

Just like clothes and accessories get changed by the season, so should different areas of our house. No need to keep winter gear by the back door anymore. Change these items out for summer gear like sunscreens, towels, pool accessories and bug spray. By creating a home for these items, they’re less likely to end up scattered around the house. Make sure your family knows what you’re doing and then once summer is officially here, everyone can work together to help your summer be less stressful or more carefree.

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