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When I was growing up, Saturday was cleaning day. My sisters and I couldn’t do anything until our chores were done. We each had our own jobs but as the youngest child in the family they got piled on me when my older sisters went away to college and left the house. Eventually it became “mom cleaned one level, I cleaned the other”. This was before the days of the “fitbit” and I was NOT interested in taking the extra steps needed to go get the rag and spray for dusting, then the cleaning bin for the bathroom and finally the vacuum cleaner for the floors. But that was what I had to do. And I did it. Without complaining. Because I was a good kid who never created any drama in my parent’s home…

Actually what I did was I became proficient at carrying everything I needed in one single trip. You know what would have made things a LOT easier? If the supplies I needed were already in the area I needed them. My own bin with cleaning supplies would have been great because #1 there were times my mom and I were cleaning at the same time and had to “share” (each on different levels of the house) and #2 having everything at my finger tips would have made me more willing to help because it was all right there.

As adults, we have enough on our plates and take enough steps without adding in extra just to corral every item we need in order to clean our homes. Yes, you’re buying extra cleaning products, but keep in mind you’re not going through them as fast because you’re not using one cleaning agent for all the bathrooms in the house or one dust spray for every item on every floor.

If the idea of having what you need right where you need it sounds great, there’s a ton of great tips out there to help you find storage for the extra cleaning supplies you’ll end up buying (like this post or this post or this post). Now you’ll have to find another way to get all your steps in.

Do you have any tips or tricks to make cleaning easier? Comment below and spread the news!

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