Organizing courtesy of the Dollar Store

By September 12, 2016Guest Post, Weekly Tip

Okay, I’ve got to admit it, I’m cheap. Not as cheap as some, but definitely cheaper than a lot of people I know. Frugal is a nicer word, but I’m okay with cheap. I’m not a huge fan of bigger, better and more expensive. Simple and affordable is way more my style. I’m not above hand outs and yes, you CAN gift me something you’re getting rid of. I will GLADLY accept it.

So, when I ran across the post Dollar Store Organizing Ideas from The Budget Decorator I thought, “Well let’s check that out.” Because I try to save my clients money by using what they already have when I’m organizing, I love recommending any kind of “Dollar store” to the people I work with. Some take me up on it while others…. Let’s just say I’ve gotten to know the Container Store, and not because of my own desires (remember, I’m “frugal”).

Click the above links to see if any of the great ideas listed can help you out, and let me know in the comments below!

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