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This client and her husband were preparing to put their house on the market and knew one space that would help lure in potential buyers was their amazing pantry. The wife knew that with 3 older kids (one in college but occasionally home) she would need something eye-catching yet also functional. So she called Top Shelf to help her unorganized and underutilized pantry get ‘open house ready’.

As the family was in and out of the house, I was able to throw out what was expired, organize the items left by creating zones (the youngest daughter loves baking and was thrilled to have a ‘baking zone’ just for her) and finish the pantry looking organized and ‘open house ready’. And it was still functional enough for the family to maintain the organization throughout their day-to-day. This job took a full day (7 hours) to do, but the end result was definitely worth it.


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