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By October 5, 2020Weekly Tip

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It’s October which means the holidays are just around the corner! Summer items have been cleared, fall decor is out with a vengeance and Halloween decorations are on deck. Maybe you love decorating and have bins upon bins stashed away in your storage space. Or, maybe you prefer to take the minimal approach. You don’t have much, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to keep it organized. Here’s my suggestion for keeping your small amount of seasonal and holiday items organized

Small Bins

Just like those who have multiple bins for every holiday, you too can have multiple bins for every holiday, they just don’t need to be as large. Categorize what you have (after sorting and purging what you don’t use or want anymore) and then from there you can find the correct size bin you’ll need. Just like with larger bins, I recommend clear so you can see exactly what you have, but non-transparent bins work well too, as long as you label which holiday or season is in that bin.

One slightly more time consuming but SUPER organized way to keep your items contained is to storage each holiday/season in its own small bin and then place those bins in one larger “Holiday” bin. This will take a little more time because you’ll have to measure the bins to make sure they’ll fit, but if you want to keep everything contained in 1 space without worrying about misplacing one small bin, this is a great way to keep everything organized.

Below are some of my favorite small bins for seasonal and holiday items, and a couple ideas for labels.



Clear Storage Box from The Container Store – These are great because they’re clear, they come in all difference sizes and they’re extremely affordable.

Clear Weathertight Totes from The Container Store – These are a little pricier but are great for outdoor storage and also come in a  (smaller) variety of sizes.

Sterilite 15 Qt. Stackable Latching Storage Box from The Home Depot –  These come in a pack of 12 which means they’ll all stack perfectly and you’ll have plenty of room for those smaller items.

Bella 1.5-Gallon (6 Quart) Clear Base with White Lid from Lowes – This bin is a little deeper than some of the other ones and are tapered at the bottom so slightly longer items can be laid vertically near the top.


Medium Vinyl Decals from IHeartBins – My friend Laura makes custom labels in different sizes, colors and fonts. She works quickly and always does a great job.

Good ol’ fashioned painters tape, duct tap, scotch tape and paper or using a label maker. If your bins aren’t clear, definitely label them somehow.

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