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By May 9, 2016Weekly Tip

If you were to google “under the sink storage” so many great ideas would come up. I know. I did it. And they’re all great. Well, a lot of them are great. Others are okay. I’ve used some of the different ideas for some of my clients. This specific idea though, I haven’t tried yet. I didn’t even think about it until I saw it in my search. But I think it’s a great idea and maybe you will too.

Shower caddy’s are most commonly thought of in showers, which makes perfect sense. After all, they are called “shower caddys”. But a shower is not the only place these handy dandy holders can be used, oh no. They can also be used under the sink (Insert favorite Minion moment right here). Yes!

If your vanity comes with a cabinet under the sink that’s the perfect place to put one! Just make sure you find one with a flat bottom (no hooks hanging down) and be sure to push the back of the caddy up against a side wall so you still have room for larger items in the center. You could use just one or put 2 in there across from each other. When you need something under your sink, simply slide the shower caddy out, grab what you need and then slide it back in. No reaching, no straining, no knocking one thing over just to start a domino effect among the rest of the items. Easy in and easy out helps a cabinet stay organized in the craziness of life.

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