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By May 23, 2016July 21st, 2016Weekly Tip


Kids play outside. Kids get dirty. Kids need baths. Kids enjoy toys in their baths. Bath toys create bathroom clutter. And just like everything else that creates clutter, bath toys need to have a home. So not surprisingly today’s tip is going to address bath toy organization.

Buy a cheap shower rod and extend it along the back of the shower, low enough so your kids have easy access to it. Get as many small plastic baskets as you need (1 – 3) and some “S” hooks. Hook the “S” hooks onto the shower rod  and then hook the plastic baskets on the “S” hooks and there you have easy storage for all the bath toys. AND it’s easy for the kids to pick up their toys once bath time is done. No mesh bag hanging off the faucet to deal with, no small containers that are precariously balanced on the edge of the tub just waiting to be tipped over. Just simple storage which will make bath time almost as enjoyable for you as it is for your kids.

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