The Storage Container Matching Game

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The Match Game

Oh food storage containers… the kitchen equivalent of a pair of socks. Somehow, there’s always a missing lid or bottom and a completely flabbergasted hunter without a clue where it went or how it got lost. If you can relate (and let’s be honest, I think we all can) then keep reading and take my advice – pull out all of your containers, match them ALL up, discard the ones without a matching piece and then….

Keep the food storage lids in a separate bin

Not only is it way easier to see what you have and find the lid you need, it’s also a better use of space AND it gives those pesky, easy to lose lids a home! And when an item has a home, you’re more likely to put it back where it goes.

I’ve done this at several different jobs and in several different spaces and I know it works. This idea can be used in drawers (deep, not shallow, so the lids can stand up and be filed), cupboards with a half shelf, cupboards with a full shelf, and cupboards without a shelf. Nest the bottoms, contain the lids and watch how long you can go without losing a single one.

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