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As Martha Stewart does…

When I’m researching organization ideas and tips, I always try to post about practical ways to organize. There are some awesome organizing tips out there but is the average, non-handy…
Jenna Nelson
March 7, 2016
Weekly Tip

Does that make sense?

Waaaay back when I first started “Eating an Elephant” I wrote a post about putting things together (like with like, I know, ‘broken record Jenna!’ but I can’t help it!…
Jenna Nelson
February 15, 2016
Recent Work

Whole House

I met with this family over the 4th of July weekend and right away I was excited to work with them. Their house is full of amazing built-ins and has…
Jenna Nelson
February 4, 2016
Guest PostWeekly Tip


It's time for another guest post and today I'm introducing a new blog for you all to check. The blog is Everyday Organizing and the blogger is Kristin. Kristin is super sweet…
Jenna Nelson
January 25, 2016

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