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Begin The New Year By Looking Back

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Eating an Elephant

January Newsletter

Christmas is over and the new year has begun! January is a great month to look back over the past year to see what items in your home didn’t get used. Whether it’s clothes, shoes, jewelry, tools, perfume/cologne, books, bathroom or kitchen items or other random items around the house, there are probably several things that need to find their way to the “donate”, “recycle” or “trash” pile. It doesn’t have to be a lot, but purging even a few items will help get your new year off to a good, and organized, start.

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A Favorite Organizing Tool

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I love medium – large baskets.  If I get to a client’s house and they have random large baskets for me to choose from I get so excited.  It makes my job much easier because they’re so easy to use!  Seriously, you can use them in closets, on shelves, in dens and offices, in the pantry; you can use them to store blankets, linens, stuffed animals, kids toys, winter gear, summer wear…. So many possibilities!  And for you parents, they make clean up SOOO easy!  Have your kids toss all of their balls into one basket, all of their stuffed animals into one basket, all of their whatever they have into a basket. Or, if it’s possible just lump all of their toys together in one basket.  That’s the beauty of a basket: it’s contents don’t have to be perfectly arranged so you literally can just throw things in there.

And I’m not prejudiced.  I love all kinds of baskets – wicker, metal, plastic, wire, fabric, whatever.  If it’s a larger basket that I can use to help a person become more organized and stay organized, then I’m all about it.

Now, just to make things clear – I’m NOT advising you to go out and buy a bunch of random baskets with the hope that you’ll find uses for all of them (that’s another post for another time).  But if you have a need and know you’ll use it TODAY, then go get one.  It’s a simple and easy fix for clutter.

Do you love large baskets too? Or do you hate them and think they’re a waste of space? Comment below and let me know!

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The Austin Home Overhaul Part 1

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This was my first official “out of state” job. I have done a few up in Michigan when I am home visiting my family, but this client flew me out specifically to help her and her family.

This client has 4 children (including twin toddler boys), she home-schools her older 2 daughters 3 days a week and runs her own essential oil business with Young Living, so to say she is busy is an understatement.  The last couple years have been crazy for this family of 6 and now that life is beginning to settle down she and her husband realized they needed some help to get their clutter under control.

I arrived on a Tuesday and got to work right away in the guest room/home office.  Her daughters used to sleep in that room and had just recently moved to the garage (which had been renovated into a 4th bedroom).  When the girls changed rooms their clothes in the closet didn’t make the switch so the closet in the office/guest room was full of their clothes. After emptying the closet and discussing ideas for the office area I got to work.  The room slowly came together over the next few days as we shopped for different item needed to get her organized and re-worked certain spaces.  By the end of my trip her desk, cubbie shelving unit and chest of drawers were all organized to help make her job easier.

The next room I moved on to was the girls’ bedroom.  We made sure to work in there on a day when they were in school and the boys were with a babysitter, so my client was able to help me without any distractions. Once the girls got home they were able to help and even put a mirror in their newly organized closet so they had a “dressing room” to get changed in.  The mom also wanted to put a reading nook in the bedroom and the girls were so excited to have a special place where they could sit and read.

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One Favorite Organizing Tool

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One thing I absolutely love to use in most of my jobs are utensil organizers.  Obviously they come in handy for utensils (small and large) but I also love them for other random drawers.  I’ve used them in play rooms, arts and crafts spaces, storage areas, junk drawers… They really come in handy in almost every room of the house.  And there’s so many different options out there!  Nice bamboo ones, steel mesh, plastic/rubber, and so many more options! Whatever your style, whatever your budget, investing in a utensil organizer will help any room in your house.

Like this idea? Don’t like it? Comment below and let me know!

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The Catch-All Room

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This homeowner is a busy, homeschooling mother of 4. She called in Top Shelf to organize her “catch-all” room. She wanted separate zones within the room so she could get her work done (sewing, jewelry making, etc), her children could get their school work done and the random items such as old pictures, wrapping paper and gift bags, craft supplies and her husband’s book-making supplies would all have places to go.

Slide the blue line Left and Right to see the Before’s and After’s.

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Home Office

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This client is a multi-career woman. She and her husband own a graphic design company and she is also a real estate agent. Between her 2 jobs and regular life, her home office was completely unorganized.

She called Top Shelf and in 4 short hours we were able to get her get her home office organized and put together. And as an added bonus the closet was turned into her own stock closet for the extra office supplies she’ll eventually need.

Now when this job-juggling woman goes in to her office, she’ll be able to focus on her work and not on the clutter around her.

Slide the blue line right and left to see “Before and After” pictures.

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