A Fall Check List

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Fall Check List

Hello August and hello transitioning from summer to fall. Whether you’re already feeling the change in the weather or are still battling scorching heat, August means changing your mind set from summer vacation to school, colder weather and bundling up inside on cozy nights! 

Here’s a little “to do” list to get you ready for a great and organized fall!

  • Begin to go through summer clothes/items and create a “donate” pile for those you want to get rid of. This can mean summer clothes you didn’t wear at all, clothes and sandals that won’t fit your children next summer and other summer items that are just collecting dust. Why let them take up time and space?
  • Clean out your oven and microwave. Those 2 areas get used a lot more in the colder months than they do in the warm summer months so make sure they’re ready for whatever you bring at them this year!
  • Did you go on a summer vacation? Go through your pictures now and organize/store them however you want (digitally or in a bin or book).
  • Clean up your outdoor areas – this includes pruning whatever needs to be cleaned up before it gets too cold, all outdoor sitting areas and fire pits.
  • Check your heating system to make sure it’s working properly. In the moment, it seems like there’s nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night feeling like an icicle because the heat went out!

This isn’t a long list, and I’m sure there’s more you have to do to prep for fall, but completing this list now will make the next couple months a lot easier for you and your family! Get to it!

The at-home parent work out system

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Time for another guest post! Today is the “Eating an Elephant” newbie, Kristin from Everyday Organizing.

She has a super creative idea for all parents out there. They’re called “Put Away Baskets” and, quite frankly, I think it’s a genius idea. In her post she writes,

“Our main living areas are located on the first floor of our house and our bedrooms are all located on the second floor. Teddy bears, blankets, random socks, books, trucks, princess costumes and a myriad of other items come trickling down the stairs each day into the family room. As a result, not only am I picking up the house multiple times a day, I am also going up and down those darn stairs all day long putting things away. Great for the glutes, but not much fun for me.”

I’m sure you can guess what her solution to the problem is, based on the name of her post, but if you want to see the rest of the post as well as pictures to go along with it, click here.

And, as a side note to everyone reading this who either isn’t a parent or no longer has children living in your home, I challenge you to come up with a way to utilize this idea in your own home.

Kids + Road trips… Every parent’s nightmare

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Here’s another kid blog! But please don’t stop reading if you don’t have kids. This tip could come in handy for everyone… everyone who goes on road trips at least. But for this post I’m going to focus specifically on parents.

Parents, if you’re planning a road trip of any length keep in mind a great way to store items for your kiddos are in shower baskets with suction cups. Stick each shower cubby on the inside of the window next to each kid and keep their snacks, markers, small activities books, water bottles, etc. all within reach. You can re-stock at each bathroom break. More independence for the kids and less backseat bickering which means a quieter drive for you.


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