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Okay, being perfectly honest I don’t know how recently this organizing product came in to existence.  I never heard about it while I was growing up (and no offense to my mother, that’s not really surprising.  Love you mom!).  I first learned about this awesome organizing helper after I started Top Shelf and researched “spice storage”.  Let me tell you, after looking on the internet and working with lots of clients in their kitchens, an overwhelmingly large number of people have horrible spice storage.  And they know it!  Sometimes they use a spice step (which, if you’ve been a reader for a while you should remember my post about why I don’t like spice steps); sometimes they use an in-cupboard shelf (click here if you don’t know what I’m referring to), but most of the time the spices are just randomly packed into a cupboard, which means finding the one spice that is needed can take a bit of time if it’s not used frequently.  Well, let me give you three little words that can erase your spice storage dilemma:

Spice.  Drawer.  Organizer.

Some of you may be thinking, “I don’t have enough drawers for that” and if that’s you and that’s true then click the link in the above paragraph to find some great solutions for your spice storage problem.  But, if you DO have enough drawer space, or can create drawer space, then this product may be for you.

Spice drawer organizers are exactly what they sound like – an organizer for spices that fits in a drawer.  Just think, no more shuffling through the random spice containers, no more knocking them over, no more wondering where the heck your ground nutmeg is… With this product you can see all of your spices in one sweep!  I’ve had several clients use this method and every single one of them loves it and says it’s wonderful.

Naturally, there are several different options to choose from:

Spice Rack Organizer
Spice Liner
Expandable Spice Tray Rack & Drawer Organizer

Another option would be to forgo the organizer entirely and simply lay your spices in a drawer, label side up, so you can see them all.  I have clients who are just as happy with this method as those with the actual organizer.  The spices do have a greater tendency to move around, since there isn’t anything holding them in place, but if you’re okay with that, then this idea would work just as well.

If you have more spices than can fit in one single drawer but you don’t have extra drawers to do this then I what I tell my clients to do is to put the spices that are used most frequently in the drawer (ideally one next to the stove) and the ones that are rarely used can go in a nearby cupboard.  Again, I have had clients do this and they are totally satisfied with it.

Spice storage is a pain and seems to be a problem for a very large number of people.  If you are one of them, this may be exactly what you need.  Look through your drawers, determine if there’s a way to free one up for your spices, and give this tip a try.  I guarantee it’ll make cooking more enjoyable and you may even use some of those special spices you’ve forgotten about in the back of the cupboard.

So what do you think of the post? Let me know in the comments below!

One Least Favorite Organizing Tool

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Before I get in to this post, let me clarify something – it’s not so much that I don’t like this item, I just don’t like what it’s marketed as and what most people think it should be used for.  This item is a spice shelf, but only when it is used for holding spices.

Why don’t I like using a spice shelf for spices?  Well, I really don’t think they’re very useful.  They don’t make it easier see all the spices and they don’t make it easier to reach all the spices.  Depending on the height of the cupboard shelf above it, reading and reaching the ones in the back is almost impossible and usually causes a domino affect crash of the ones in the front…  Very annoying.

Also, when you can’t see all that you have, you usually end up buying more, which means you’re throwing away money buying something you don’t need.

Here are some great alternatives for spice storage for all different spaces:

spice carousel – countertop
spice drawer organizer – drawer
spice liners – drawer
spice rack – wall

And this isn’t even all of the ideas.  If you search on Google or Pinterest there are so many more options out there.

So, if you’re tired of digging around in your spices and you want to stop wasting money buying spices you already have, think about using one of the alternative options above or maybe find something else that will work for you.  Every kitchen is as different as the person who cooks in it.

Do you agree with my opinion? Disagree? Do you have a different way of storing your spices than one I listed above? Comment and let me know!

Also, happy birthday dad!! I love you!


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