Tension rods to the rescue… again!

By May 30, 2016July 21st, 2016Weekly Tip


Sooooo this is another post about tension rods and cupboards…. Let me give you a moment to roll your eyes and sigh dramatically…. Okay! This post will be short and sweet since I’ve tackled this exact topic a couple of times before (HERE and HERE to be exact).

Take a tension rod and as many “S” hooks as you need, extend the rod in the chosen cupboard from one side to the other and then hang one pot or pan on each “S” hook. So easy to do and so easy to keep your pots and pans organized this way! If you want you can get super organized and keep them arranged from smallest to largest (which, no surprise, is exactly what I would do), or you can just put them back in however you want without worrying about size and order. However you choose to hang them though, there won’t be any more pulling out 5 pots just to get to the biggest one on the bottom.

Hopefully the awesomeness of this idea makes up for the fact that this is yet another post about tension rods and cupboards.

photo cred: freerangestock

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