Tension rods… Who knew?

By October 19, 2015February 4th, 2016Weekly Tip

So how’s the cupboard that contains your cleaning products? A little messy? Hard to maneuver? Are you tired of pulling out random sprays trying to find the exact one you’re looking for in order to treat that stain you just noticed on your carpet before it sets in for the rest of the carpet’s life? Or the sprays you need to clean the bathroom in the 5 minutes you have while the kids are distracted? Or, for the super healthy people out there, the all natural spray you need to use before you devour the organic fruits and veggies you just bought at the local farmers market? If you have said, “YES!” to any of these examples, here’s the tip: put a tension rod across the cupboard and hang some of those spray bottles on it. Not only can you place like with like (#1 tip always) but it will also free up ground space for other items that are kept in that cupboard.

Or, if you’d rather completely free up a cupboard for another need you may have, hang a shoe organizer on the back of a door and put your cleaning supplies in there. OR, if you don’t have a door where this makes sense and need to use a cupboard, simply cut the shoe organizer to the appropriate length and attach it to the inside of the cupboard door (command hooks or something of the like will work to hold it on the door).

Whichever is your style, any of these will be an improvement over having the bottom of your cupboard completely covered with spray bottles that all look exactly the same.

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