That deep dark abyss…

By July 13, 2015February 4th, 2016Weekly Tip

Under the bed storage is valuable storage space. And everyone can utilize it. And you can have it without hiring an architect and contractor to build you an awesome bed frame with awesome drawers of all different awesome shapes and sizes like you see on pinterest. *Sigh* Instead of just shoving whatever you have under your bed and giving up on the whole awesome bed/storage duo, consider what you want to store and find the best container to hold it.
If you’re not in to the whole “plastic-see- through bin” look, a bed skirt is the perfect way to hide those ugly containers. If you’re not in to the whole “bed skirt” look there’s plenty of trendier options to choose from – wooden storage boxes, designer boxes, roller “drawers”, or even DIY storage with cardboard boxes and wrapping paper. Whatever your budget or desires, there is something that will work, so dig down deep (or in this case, reach way far away to the middle of the floor under your bed) and make it happen.

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