The Austin Home Overhaul Part 2

By March 30, 2017Recent Work

This post is a continuation from the previous post “The Austin Home Overhaul Part 1”.

After completing most of the office/guest room and the girls’ bedroom I moved on to random part of the house, including her twin boys bedroom, the front hall closet and their storage area, lovingly referred to as “purgatory”.

Most of the items in the twins bedroom just needed to be sorted, organized and put away.  Their clothes in the dresser were all mixed together and I was able to sort and organize their clothes in the 3 drawers so now pjs, socks, random items are in the top drawer, onesies and shirts are in the second drawer and pants and shorts are in the bottom drawers.  Even if she doesn’t keep everything folded and completely sorted, as long as she maintains those categories getting them dressed will be easier.  I also took any shirt/outfit that should be hung up and added them to the closet.  She uses a book shelf in the closet for more storage which makes things tight, but also gives ample space for diapers, wipes and shoes.

Their hall closet was a random assortment of items that needed to be donated, returned to friends, moved to another location or thrown away.  The items that actually belonged in the closet were all lost among the chaos and impossible to reach.  I was able to pull everything out and put back in only what needed to be in there.

And finally on to Purgatory.  This room literally housed items the homeowners hadn’t seen in years.  We had to put EVERYTHING out and they had to go through each box to see what needed to be kept, donated or thrown out.  It was a very long process but the end result is amazing!  My client has a lot of wrapping paper/accessories so I was able to give her a specific area to hold all of those items along with a space for extra storage for everyday household items.  Needless to say my client and her husband were thrilled with the end result.

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